Central to my performance work is the Interdisciplinary Instant Composition,  a skill and an availability to create in real time in relation to the context.

When directing I work on imagining as well as on holding the space for a process to unfold. Everything informs the making as I work in a inclusive way. Keeping the intention like a pointed arrow I embrace the process.

When performing I trust the invisible and celebrate the moment. Fine tuning between what I know and the unknown I tap into the world of images.


When working for the stage I focus on the artistic disciplines involved. I enter from the body presence point of view and develop the image. Stage work is craft work and I enjoy the different aspects of it. Here you find some different stage works, in some of them I work as artistic director and […]


Working on location is at the same time natural and inspiring as  s p a c e  is a central aspect of my creative work. I love to read the specific location and see how an idea arises together with an image, then from there I begin to flesh out the idea till it gets […]

In Nature

Here you find some practices in Nature rooted into the indigenous tradition and my endeavour to integrate it with dance based artistic practice.