a different idea of what dancing is

Dancing with Marisa made me think differently about what dancing is; not a form or a set of movements done in a ‘correct’ way, but movement with intention, in any form or quality, and always in connection. The work with Marisa has also given me so much experience with sensing with all senses, not just with eyes and ears. I’m amazed what the body can sense and how much quicker and more accurate its response is.                                                                                                                                                                        Both consciously and unconsciously I’m integrating what I am learning in this practice in my daily life. While cycling in the city, on a busy train station or walking down the streets, I can use opening up my senses to guide me through. Observing it I can imagine it to be a dancing piece I’m part of, to play with; what does the space need, being clear in my movements. I use connecting my core with arms and legs to warm up when my hands and feet are freezing. And dropping my consciousness in my body, when I’m too much in my head (frontal brain), for instance at work. Connecting to my pelvic floor to ground. To use stillness, pausing, listening, doing less rather than more and every movement is now (now, now) is apparent and valuable in my personal life; it helps me to connect more, to be true to myself, to be mindful. Also Marisa’s words “don’t try, just do” have found their way into my vocabulary and life, to make clear choices and go for them.

Thank you, Marisa, for being such a clear and passionate teacher and for bringing this into my life.

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