The Sweatlodge is a ritual of purification, healing, and rebirth.

Within the Temazcal or Sweat Lodge, we celebrate our unity with mother Earth and with the 4 natural elements of air, fire, water, and earth to which we associate our mental, energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. It is a ritual dedicated to the idea of the Ometeotl which is the double divinity, the union of the sacred masculine and feminine within oneself and our relationships.

Life works in mysterious ways and most of the time only after we come to realize the perfection and precision of all the events that took place!

The body and movement are my doors and my tools to navigate, the work with the visible and the invisible is my compass, and the way they inform each other is my sincere quest. In my walk, I met and practiced different ways to find my way back to my true nature, and one of the greatest medicine is for me the practice of the Temazcal, a practical tool to touch ground within as we open to the great mystery embraced by the power of the elements.

In this path, I met Abuela Margarita Nuñes which is my teacher and my reference in the practice. From her, I learned how to look into nature to know who I am. Immersed in her all-giving presence I learned to find my place while facing my fears and trust in the Spirit which supports all things. I learned how simple gestures of everyday actions are paths to God.
As I endeavor to see Spirit in everything I drink from her deep eyes to remember that we are ONE!

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Serpent Walk