The Serpent Walk is inspired by a Toltec practice, a walk in nature as a silent Serpent …
In my work I am experimenting integrating shamanic practices with the art of dance, letting the different worlds to inform each other and create a new map for self development which can allow the dancer to expand and discover his/her full potential.



I have used the Serpent Walk in the second phase of the Dreambody Project called Nomadic Residency, a 5 days complete experience of exploring the relation between body, landscape and how stories are generated within our imagination.                        9 people as one Serpent have been walking for 4 days along the River Rhine, tracing a MAP, rooting into the NOW, each facing oneself in the simple act of walking and being part of a bigger body, the Serpent!                                                                            

On the last day the experience has ben integrated through the dance practice and shared in nature with an audience.

Each person taking part has been asked to write a Journal as a ‘scrittura fisica’ a way to resonate the body-mind experience from her/his focal point.

May 2015 – Location: Gelderland, Netherland






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