Dreambody Project is a community-based dance project made with InMotion dance traces.
It is as well a research project on landscape and storytelling and on how they relate to dance making.
It proposes a reading of the town of Wageningen (the Netherlands) from the point of view of the Rhine. The River, with its strong and specific presence, has been a key to our approach and an entrance to meet local communities.
Landscape, body, and language are seen as separate, yet complementary, mediums through which story is recorded and transmitted.
DreamBody explores the following question: How does a story travel through landscape, language, and body?


Dreambody Trilogy

Gathering on the Rhine 2014

 involving field work (gathering of material) and initial experimentation, took place in Wageningen in cooperation with the local community and independent artists. The collection of material in the field was carried out along the River Rhine. Impressions of the landscape were captured through several media including images and words on paper, photography, sound and film recordings. These media served as carriers of meaning to get the story of the landscape into the studio. Ten interviews with local people were recorded and edited in order to capture stories about the river.  A presentation of the project took form as a site-specific performance close to the riverside, combining outdoor scenes at the river with a multi-media presentation in the old farmhouse and actual living community of Wolfswaard. Video material, including the recorded interviews, were resonated through instantly composed dance and music. …continue reading

Nomadic Residency 2015 

It has been 5 days of complete experience of exploring the relationship between body, landscape, and how stories are generated within our imagination.  9 people as one Serpent have been walking for 4 days along the River Rhine, tracing a MAP, rooting into the NOW, each facing oneself in the simple act of walking and being part of a bigger body, the Serpent!  On the last day, the experience has been integrated through the dance practice and shared in nature with an audience. Each person taking part has been asked to write a Journal as a resonance in words of the experience, from her/his focal point. The Serpent experience in itself and the written Journals became a stepping stone and a vital material for further development.

I am the River 2016 

This interdisciplinary piece closes the Trilogy, a stage work that carries the many stories and experiences of this intense and transformative project, it reaches for full embodiment through dance, text, music, and video. 

Performed in Wageningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam.


I am the River – Artistic Residency at University College Utrecht 2017
In 2017 I was invited for an Artistic Residency at UCU University College Utrecht within the context of Performance Studies, where I have been teaching for more than ten years.

The artistic residency centered on the topic of  I am the River the final phase within the DreamBody Project, which became a project in its own right.

The Residency gave me the opportunity to investigate further the material in the context of instant composition dramaturgy. As well as giving me the opportunity to expose the UCU students to the topic of this project and create with them a performative experience. 

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Variation on the Serpent Walk

GAIA Project