Centered Yoga is a powerful integration of knowledge developed by Dona Holleman.

I met yoga through the meeting of Dona Holleman. It has been after readying her book ‘The eyes of innocence’ that I was moved to meet her no matter what was the subject of her teaching! Yet her approach on yoga through a deep physicality, with her emphasis on anatomy and on pure movement, made totally sense for where I was at that time. As well as her spiritual work so ingrained into the intelligence of the body and the trust in Life. I am forever grateful for her uncompromising presence, inspiring vision and knowledgeable teaching.

In 2010 I concluded the Centered Yoga 3 years certification Program with Dona Holleman in Italy.

Centered yoga emphasizes the engagement of the physical and energetic ‘center’ in any posture. It focuses on body alignment to support and improve our easiness in movement and stillness. By giving very clear anatomical reference everyone is able to physically understand and enjoy the benefit of each exercise and posture. The practice develops with calm and attention.

Centered yoga is the search for balance between the two polarities of the human being, the outgoing, active side and the ingoing, receptive side. It addresses body, mind and the energy body by working with the breath, training our capacity to direct our focus, developing a full attention and how to use and apply our intent.

The practice helps to release tension while developing a stronger centered body.

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