Artistic Lab Elap 23-24 March 2019 with Marisa Grande – Utrecht

Our body is a landscape and a map that can bring us back to our undomesticated nature, the wilderness in us!
A place where we can feel the pulsation of life and we can remember our purpose.
The Mind breathing, pulsating, flowing in the Body  

You will play with a wide spectrum of movement exploration immediately placed in the context of expression and relation.‘Relation’ is a keyword: everything relates to everything, ‘to be in relation to’ brings relaxation and releases expression. You will play with a deep physicality and touch to awake a simple and direct movement language. Movement, text, writing will be used for the artistic investigation as a way to map and re-write your bodies! 

Saturday, March 23 Sunday, March 2410:30 – 17:30 o’clock
Studio3 Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht€120/ €80 for ELAP’s group and dance/artist professionals or dance/artist students in Bachelor or Master, please send a cv
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