After three years training somatic dance with Marisa Grande, I find myself having lots to reflect on. The training involves many subtleties that eventually become big enough to create many changes in the physical body as well as in mindset. I could not have imagined that all the work I do Friday evening at InMotion dance traces studio and the performance training over the last three years, would cause such personal changes. I joined the dance group after speaking with another dancer who told me about the type of work they do. It immediately caught my attention and I made a plan to go and attend a training. My reasons to go at the time were to train my body with awareness for its natural abilities and most importantly to develop further beyond what I could already do. I have since young age, been very active doing many different sports, among which Taekwondo Songham. Through the martial arts I picked up the passion for movement and I wanted to know more about the body and how it can express itself. Also, dance for me had always been a subject of misunderstanding as I never considered myself a dancer or that I could dance in anyway, so for me was a challenge and a goal to take on. So the journey started with entering another world of possibilities, looking at our body, and later the natural progression into performing. The training of the body was just the start, as we also focused on performing using our body to express creatively what Marisa calls ”it”. The creative process has been a journey on its on and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to engage in a creative process using somatic dance and develop it in an artistic manner. The artistic process is a lot of fun, it’s liberating and precious and is now part of my life anywhere I go or do. I am so grateful for having had the chance to be involved with InMotion dance traces, to work with Marisa Grande and train with all the fantastic fellow dancers.