I teach dance and improvisation. The dance approach is based on new dance and somatic, through embodied anatomy and movement principles.

Through the many years I developed a pedagogical approach which takes the exploration of the mover into a deeper and meaningful dimension. I grew a passion and developed skills to support and facilitate a learning process. 
I have been teaching dancers, actors singers and musicians with precision and depth and a keen eye on what is present and relevant for the process of the individual in relation to the group.


I give regular courses embedded in art school education and university and I teach independent workshops and courses


I teach Yoga as integration of practices embedded in my somatic approach CENTERED YOGA is a powerful integration of knowledge developed by Dona Holleman. I met yoga through the meeting of Dona Holleman. It has been after reading her book ‘The eyes of innocence’ that I was moved to meet her. I am forever grateful […]


ARTISTIC COACHING I coach artists in their process. The coaching focuses on the specific artistic practice and through that touches upon patterns and qualities of the individual, naturally connecting art and life and stimulating their integration. I coach independent artists as well as art students from different educations such as ELAP Embodied Life Art Program, […]

ELAP dance program

ELAP – Embodied life art program A new dance program by Iris van Peppen & Marisa Grande The Embodied Life Art program is a pioneering somatic dance program offering experiential practice for the integration of knowledge through improvisation. The program: consists out of 7 modules of 40 hours each (5 full days from Thursday to Monday) starting on […]