Yin Yoga became for me a central and integral part of my practice. For its nature and purpose yin yoga allows me to connect the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, moving through them in a continuum.
Physically it addresses the deep tissue and fascia, which relates to my somatic dance practice. Mentally it stimulates a capacity to observe and detach from conclusion generating response instead of reaction which relates and supports my improvisation practice. By creating this physical and mental environment, it creates the space for the Spirit to manifest.

I met Yin Yoga through the teaching of Anat Geiger in Amsterdam, an important teacher for my development. She has been crucial in the study and practice of centered yoga, as she was also a student of Dona Holleman. Her weekly classes have been a great contribution to my learning. I followed her 1 year teacher training. And when she began teaching yin yoga I joined her. And that was the beginning of a journey… In 2012 I took part in the Yin Yoga Certification Program with Anat Geiger in Amsterdam. Her approach is based on Paul Grilley’s teaching. And from there I continued developing through studying, practice and teaching.

YIN YOGA addresses the deep tissue through the relaxation of the muscle system, generating an intense and deep physical experience, while directing our minds into a state of observation. The practice consists of long sustained postures, where the weight of our body, gravity and breath work together to tap into the fascia and ligaments to free and use the joints in their full range of motion. 

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Centered Yoga