Somatic Dance is an organic approach to body and movement guiding to a deeper connection of bodily experience by moving with sensitivity and imagination.

This approach blends together the different aspects of technic, exploration, reflection and dance articulation.

It develops by approaching specific body systems understanding their physicality through the relation between structure and function, providing technical tools for movement.

This phase consists of experiential anatomy through hands on and partnering, kinaesthetic watching, integration through movement.

Improvisation as Instant Composition is a training and a practice to compose in real time.

It develops directly from the somatic approach tapping into the world of dance as a language and opening up to its power of communication through composition.

Using a specific set of exercises to explore the topics of Space and Time the work addresses and investigates tools for composition to articulate dance.

The practice unfolds with different configurations sessions, providing a learning process from doing and watching.

The work develops into a full body dance practice in which body and mind are integrated and able to dialogue and inspire one another in action.

It is a process where the dualistic approach of body against mind is dissolved into a full-embodied intelligence.

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Movement & Voice Integration