The Art of making your own Shamanic Drum and the medicine of the Sweat Lodge lead by Luigi Jannarone


In Shamanic Symbology the drum’s sound is the sound of the heartbeat and its sound makes us vibrate with the heart of the Universe. It is the language that unites Father Heaven with Mother Earth and it expresses itself with the powerful sound of thunder. It is in the deep inward rhythm that the drum’s ancient roots spring forth, born with the purpose of expanding the percussive act of clapping hands or any other part of the body. Man learns in this way to give form and regular structure to its own song and through the continuous beat of the drum connect to Nature’s constant cycle and to the rhythmic pulses of its manifestations. The process of making your own drum is a journey of connecting with your own heart!



Organised by Raul Anderson & Marisa Grande in collaboration with InMotion dance traces.


April 2017 – Holistic Center De Bron, Nethederland



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Serpent Walk