Geografie Umane

Nurturing our Wilderness

In our bodies, our stories are written, stored, lived, and expressed. 
Our bodies are landscapes, they are maps to find our way back home!   
We are learning to read, inhabiting, decoding, and give ourselves permission to rewrite our stories from a different paradigm, from a different imagination.

Geografie Umane Project is a current research-practice deeply embedded into my poetic and ongoing investigation on nature in us humans and on the relation between inner and outer environment, at different levels, from cellular to a whole organism.

WEundercurrent Collective – Marisa Grande (artistic direction), Geerte de Koe (violin&voice) Pau Sola Masafrets (cello&voice) Astera Mortezai (visual performer) Raul Anderson (video), with the collaboration of Femke Jansen, Chiara Bockstahler, and Petra Vossemberg.

GAIA Project