….as I move through life I realize how all is connected and how vital it is for me to make this connection conscious!
My passion for dance has always been there ….
I can see myself as a child dancing wild in any possible situation almost possessed, moved by a power beyond me
that same power has been the motor of all my doing, a sense of necessity which I could never call ‘ambition’ as I knew it was something of a different nature!


I am a dance and voice artist in the field of improvisation and contemporary dance. I work as a performer, teacher, artistic director, and coach. My movement work developed, as a result of thirty years of experience in the field of theatre and dance; an ongoing integration of different disciplines rooted into a somatic work, providing a specific approach which supports the movement investigation to expand and develop into improvisation and performance. My way of teaching is direct and empowering and my approach is proved to be an efficient tool for performers coming from different disciplines and stage practice. My performance work from stage to site-specific integrates different artistic languages into one whole event. My constant interest and focus on principles behind form allow me to work with many art forms and styles as well as with people coming from various backgrounds, always finding new synthesis.


My vision is the integration of different art languages, different work fields, different practices, and ultimately and essentially the integration of Art and Life

To support this vision, I create projects in collaboration with different artists, local communities, and people of various backgrounds to open poetic spaces for encounters. As such, my work is strongly context- and process-oriented, based on the delicate holding of the process and empowering of each individual with his/her unique contribution to the whole.

Central to my work is the Interdisciplinary Instant Composition – a skill and an availability to create in real-time in relation to the context. Within this, we focus on organicity, navigation, and the field. First is the natural capacity every organism has to organize itself, which can be seen within a body or a group. Second is the natural capacity we have to navigate in a context, respond to change, move through using body’s intelligence. Third is the ability to sense and tune in the field – the physical and energetic space, within which relation and communication take place. These principles guide our instant composition practice and also provide a lens through which we discover improvisation across disciplines.


Here some writings from the direct experience of the ‘work’
I am blessed with so many wonderful students which are my teachers!


The space you’ve been holding for me … (ever since you were my basketball coach) … while exploring the world, it became the place where my questions about life could be not only discussed but also directly embodied and researched at its essential nature … it is a laboratory, a playground where interconnectedness can be experienced, discovered and practiced … while learning to dance, or better through dance, I have been developing an awareness of principles, rooted in the work in the studio but informing also my living outside of it … every single day I find a… Read more “Veronika”


Dear Marisa, Thank you for guiding me in these wonderful years of discovering dance: Embracing the unknown. Choosing presence. Readiness to follow a plan that is bigger than me. Unlocking my body, mind and heart so I can move, meet, and celebrate life’s energy moving freely. Witnessing my own steps, but also the group and the transformations of the dancers has been very impactful and truly magical, your work is so important for being human, to celebrate being human on this planet! I am learning so much and wish to… Read more “Lian”


Loosing “me” The most vital shift that happened is that I lost part of myself Some of the sense of “self” that was Limiting me to move I notice that by controlling less, there is more space it is obvious… but apparently I believed That being safe is being in control Now I know that being safe is to let go and trust That my body knows That the dance practice, the group, is the safest place I could wish for to lose myself in it, yet to be so… Read more “Gonne”


a different idea of what dancing is Dancing with Marisa made me think differently about what dancing is; not a form or a set of movements done in a ‘correct’ way, but movement with intention, in any form or quality, and always in connection. The work with Marisa has also given me so much experience with sensing with all senses, not just with eyes and ears. I’m amazed what the body can sense and how much quicker and more accurate its response is.                … Read more “Monique”


Guau! Guau! eh hehehe…… Read more “Cholo”